Lick of paint

There is something rarer than hens’ teeth – a blog from me. But I’m back to provide a quick update, which will essentially be a very public and pretty fulsome thank you to Sarah Edgson and her team at Glascote Basin.

Through the bridge ‘ole, pic courtesy of Dan Cleveland

Sarah has been looking after Enc for me, overseeing a full repaint, blacking and a host of other little jobs, and on Friday Andy and I travelled up to see the finished article. To say I was overwhelmed and somewhat speechless gives you some idea of the impression it made on me – not often I fail to open my gob. What got to me most was not that Enc looked stunning in her new 2-pack finery (I’d had a sneak preview so sort of knew what to expect) but the team had taken the time and trouble to polish her up, dress the cabin top and do those all important last few touches, effort that never makes it onto the bill but makes so much difference to a customer. They made me feel really special. When I walked into the dock, it was just ‘wow’. And very bizarrely, when I got back in my car to run it down to the marina, who should be first on the radio but Kate Bush doing a stirring rendition of ‘Wow’. Yes, dear, my feelings exactly.

Pointy end looking good, especially my lovely new doors! Thanks, Simon

Suffice to say that I was terrified of leaving the next morning for fear of scratching or marking anything. Going up Atherstone I determinedly avoided getting my superb Fender Phil fenders mucky and generally shimmied my way down the cut avoiding any vegetation that wanted to assassinate my paintwork. And for the first time, we got comments! I mean nice ones…not the usual ‘so when are you going to finish it’ ones, but lovely things like ‘What a beautiful boat’. The North Oxford was rammed on Sunday and we were much admired – which was a bit bum-wigglingly embarrassing as I’m not one for attention – but it felt good to be well-turned out and hopefully giving people a bit of pleasure as we came by.

Look at the Barlow button – still pristine!

So now the project is done I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at Glascote (and the fantastic Dave Moore who signed Enc so beautifully). Sarah obviously has an impeccable boating pedigree but you need a lot more than that to deliver the sort of high quality boatyard services and levels of customer care that she is offering. Her enthusiasm and commitment to getting the job done right and for delighting the customer is to be commended, and all the gang played their part – I’m really very grateful for the huge amount of effort that went in to Enc. I was a very proud owner before and now, well, you’ll just have to forgive the large stupid grin I appear to have plastered on my face.

There’s a lot of love gone into that paint job – thanks Luke!

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2 Responses to Lick of paint

  1. Richard Powell says:

    Just run it through the bushes on the offside and get it over with 😉


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