Yesterday served as the perfect reminder – as if I needed one – of why we do this boating lark. We’d come up to Enceladus the night before so were able to make an early start, and after trotting the dogs out for morning necessities, we set to. Winter took six hours to erase, the fettling mixed in with plenty of banter, coffee and metal polish down the T-shirt.

Quick water stop turned into a long water stop, as they do

But as the clock ticked just past three, we were finally done; lobbing a small Eiger of dirty cloths into the nearest cupboard, remembering to actually put the tiller on, having a senior moment about which way to hang the chimney chain and we were off.

Thank you Ryan for your smiley efficient service earlier.

 Three hours of glorious cruising into the setting sun, with the countryside just starting to hint of its sukebind promise to come, everyone in splendid spirits and plenty of boats actually on the move, which is a very good thing…not quite sure why they felt the need to drive up the bank when they saw me though, a girl could get a complex.

One for the album, perfect day

Finally tied up, without even a murmur of a domestic, and then I toddled off with the dogs for an hour while Andy tightened some nuts and took the top off a beer. Perfect, I tell you, just perfect.

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2 Responses to Perfect

  1. Sarah says:

    My turn tomorrow and I can’t wait 🙂


    • nbenceladus says:

      Bet you can’t…have a good run. We’re having slight oil issues so I’m hoping I might find an expert at Brownhills!


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