Despite having a deep love for and interest in our canal heritage, anyone who knows me will be aware that for many years I wasn’t exactly a fan of the whole roses and castles thing. My boat décor has tended towards the contemporary but on seeing Enceladus’s back cabin for the first time, I am afraid I did a conversion worthy of St Paul.

Built by Andy Cox and decorated by Phil Speight, it is simply my favourite space. It also set me off down the road of collecting….not with a purist’s drive for total authenticity (which I do admire but it’s not me), but with the magpie spirit of the old boatmen. If I like it and think I can find a place for it, I get it. So I spend way too much time on the web, on Ebay and Etsy, in antique shops, bric a bric stalls etc being seduced by shiny things. I do seem to have a terrible weakness for rosettes, swingers, and plumes…


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