Colours of the cut

You can’t knock any win in life so my recent raffle triumph at the HNBC AGM is not to be sneezed at – especially as I was about the 8th name out of the hat and the prize I really wanted was still on the table! As Edward Paget Tomlinson’s Colours of the Cut is one of my favourite reads, imagine my thrill at bagging a set of 16 COTC postcards! I’ve been reviewing them and will certainly get them framed and put up on Enceladus somewhere – but such a shame that three of my favourite liveries (not counting my ‘two blues’ GUCCC one) weren’t included: SE Barlow, Salt Union and Leonard Leigh. Of course, if I scooped a £50million EuroMillions win, I could have a fleet of many colours…

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2 Responses to Colours of the cut

  1. Clinton says:

    Hi to you both and the hounds, lovely to read your blog am finding it a really in formative read.
    Its Clinton off NB Tacet we meet up at Braunaton a long while back we also had little shimmy at Foxton locks ??. Hope we bump in to you both again when we are cruising this year.


    • nbenceladus says:

      Hi Clinton!

      How lovely to hear from you – we’re great, thanks, can’t wait to get the cruising season started! Off to Brum soon, just at Braunston Bottom Lock at mo after some winter works. See you somewhere!


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