Old one, new one

Well, that was interesting…when we popped out in Henry the other weekend, a fellow boater mistook his ‘working boat that’s shrunk in the wash’ lines for those of an icebreaker. Another commented that we were a bit early for the Ellesmere Port gathering. Being taken for an ex-working boat (and icebreaker now!) has happened before but not since we took on Enceladus, who is all too often assumed to be a new ‘work in progress’ project, presumably on account of the cabin and its red oxide sides. We’ve had ‘So when will you have her finished?’ a couple of times! So we now have the rather splendid irony of the 2005 pastiche being badged as an ‘historic’ and the 1935 original branded as a modern replica. But you don’t really want to go into it on the towpath..way too much risk of coming over as a bit of a knob.

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