Aesthetic dilemma

Now I know this is a very first world problem but kitting out your historic boat sympathetically brings its challenges. Like no Nespresso machine. Yes, we’ve eschewed mains power on the go, opting to keep everything 12v, which means that I’m oscillating between my cafetière, my stove top Bialetti, and – in moments of weakness when 12v seems like a silly affectation – the space in the engine room that would fit an adequately-sized Victron. I’m being ridiculous of course, I can exist without my wretched Nespresso for a few days (I must, therefore I can. And repeat).

To be honest, a very simple fitout and set-up is perfectly fine, we don’t want for anything and there’s a congruity of function and form, nothing’s overblown. Of course, ensuring we hit no discordant notes sometimes throws up taxing questions, such as ‘what shall we do for a loo roll holder?’ Cocooned in our vintage vibe ablutions area, this is no place for chrome or plastic or, whisper it, bamboo. (What is this fascination with bamboo? I worry for the pandas). No, this is the place for the most bizarre bit of upcycling since my kitchen roll holder (oh yes, there’ll be another post along on that). Allow me to present my Andrex aggregator, the antique shoe last!

A size nine I think

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3 Responses to Aesthetic dilemma

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, that is splendid.


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