Now you see them…

Not surprisingly we were a tad overwhelmed at our first viewing of Enceladus so it wasn’t till a subsequent visit that the style, ingenuity and practicality of our front steps really struck me. The previous owner had opted for quite a tight galley layout, preferring to place the fridge and plenty of storage under the tug deck. Fair enough, but how then to have steps that would allow easy ingress/egress at the same time as having no steps so as not to impede free access to the, I mean the milk.

Ta-da! The ‘now you see them, now you don’t steps’. In the ‘out’ position, good chunky steps with a built in coal bucket; in the ‘in’ position, some pretty decoration and a free run to the stores. Love it.


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1 Response to Now you see them…

  1. adrian2013 says:

    Darn nifty that.


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