More of the rebirth

I found another stash of images of Enceladus’s rebirth at Industry Narrowboats. Unfortunately the quality is lousy as these are just snaps of lowish-res colour print outs but better than nowt and at least this way they are committed to an online archive.

This wasn’t really the end of the steelwork story though as when Enceladus was taken to Brinklow for completion, Simon & co put in a huge effort to correct some issues and finesse some of the finer authentic Northwich detail. Cracking job all round, really.

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2 Responses to More of the rebirth

  1. Tony Shearwood says:

    Hi, we owned ‘Valiant’ as she was then known throughout the 70’s and well into the 80’s. She was our family boat based in the North West of England in Lymm. We loved the old girl and spent very many holidays on the Bridgewater, Trent and Mersey, Leeds – Liverpool, The Peak Forest, The Shropshire Union, Macclesfield, Staffs Worcester etc. Her beating heart was the ever reliable Lister 2 cylinder diesel. When we bought Valiant, she had the flat-cut stern, which was typical of the British Waterways tug conversion, the flat stern continued below the water line, which made reversing almost impossible. We had the underwater tapering done which did improve the handling but she always needed the whole stern re-shaping. Incidentally, when we bought her she still had a central cockpit with steering wheel, again this was typical of the British Waterways approach to converting working boats into rental pleasure boats. Over the years she had ‘relaxed’ and gained a little girth, making some locks very scary, several times she was pinned by the lock walls as the water rose, you always has to be on guard. In her Bitish Waterways hire board days, she featured on Blue Peter navigating the Anderton Boat Lift in Northwich. We also used the lift to venture onto the River Weaver, that region being her spiritual home. That said, she was a lovely old girl and I’m happy she’s found a new lease of life. Well never forget our old girl. Best regards, Tony


  2. nbenceladus says:

    Absolutely thrilled to hear about Valiant during this period – and so pleased that she was a much loved family boat who obviously had plenty of adventures. I hope she’ll have plenty more! Thank you Tony!


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