My not so secret life

I’ve been contacted by a couple of friends in the last week concerned that I might be leading a double life, that not content with one husband and two boats I have actually squirrelled away a second husband and a third boat. It’s absolutely not true (sssh, dear, get back in the cupboard, I’m just launching into my plausible deniability speech).

As blog followers might know, I thought it would be fun to submit a piece for Canal Boat’s Me and My Boats feature – see my earlier post (written for reasons I can’t recall under my marital nom de plume). So there I was splattered over the March issue and very nice it was too. Imagine my surprise (and initial hysterical laughter) when I opened up April’s issue and clocked the next Me and My Boats feature…and there I was again, beaming out from the page like a loon. And not only me, but Andy too. Except he was ‘Mac’ and our boat was Griffin, and the story was, well, sadly not ours to tell.

It would appear that Canal Boat has made a bit of a fluff and superimposed my byline and an extra picture of me and Andy on Mrs Mac’s article. After I’d stopped laughing I actually got quite upset on behalf of Mrs Mac as she and her husband must have been so looking forward to seeing their story in print, as we had been. And imagine, opening up the magazine after months of waiting only to see your rightful position usurped by a smiling pirate and her podgy paramour.

I can’t wait for next month…

Husbands one, boats two

Husbands two, boats three

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