Me and my boats

A little while back the muse grabbed me and I thought I’d have a crack at submitting a Me and My Boats reader article to Canal Boat magazine. And guess what, they liked it and I was published this month! Shame about them mistaking me for my mother on the caption of one picture – I’ve never looked that unimpressed with boating! – and for inexplicably changing inches for feet when describing the boats’ draught. I don’t think any amount of dredging would accommodate that…

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3 Responses to Me and my boats

  1. Kath says:

    I’m confused Sarah. In April’s issue you also have an article about you and your boat Griffin – and husband Mac!! We read this issue before the March one and were really baffled, now I presume it is just a mistake. Either that or you are leading two lives!
    Kath (nb Herbie)


    • nbenceladus says:

      Ha, don’t worry, April is a mistake. It’s a dreadful cock-up and I feel terrible for Griffin’s owners as they must have been so excited to see their article, and there we are, plastered all over it. I promise you, only one husband and two boats!


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