To share and share alike

I love reading about other people’s historic boats, delving into their past histories and following their adventures, trials and tribulations today, so it seemed only fair to reciprocate and offer up some of my burblings for posterity.

I’m sure the photos of Enceladus’s transformation from forlorn relic to the cracking boat it is now will be of some interest. I can’t claim any credit for any of it, other than having the good sense to buy it when it came up for sale. The previous owners invested much time and money into its rebirth, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time when they moved onto new things.

Much of the credit for Enceladus as she is today must go to the late Keith Ball and his team at Industry Narrowboats, who handled the steelwork side of things; and to the fabulous chaps at Brinklow Boat Services who finished it off, fitted it out, sorted out various things that weren’t quite right and lavished a great deal of care on it, to ensure the end result was sympathetic and authentic but also engineered to give many years of cruising pleasure. I believe we were also very fortunate to have the illustrious Mr Speight decorate the back cabin.

I’ve been fortunate in having lots of photos passed on to me by the previous owner. I am also indebted to Brinklow’s Dave Ross for giving me a bit more of the back story to the restoration; to Sarah Hale of NB Chertsey for sending me photos of Enceladus that she took while she was also moored at Stretton; and to Alan and Cath Fincher of NBs Sickle and Flamingo for their blog posts on Enceladus, a boat that they one time had an interest in taking on – they gave me confidence that this was a good ‘un! And not forgetting the marvellous Dave Moore, who has not only sorted me out with liveried cans and shafts and mops but has also told me where to put them so that I don’t look a complete newb! Ooh, and master craftsman and ‘Mr Dove’ Andrew Hoyle for my magnificent ‘for special’ chimney and cute brass titch.

So on with a few more posts and photos!

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